Shoe Rack Reveal!

Today’s the day that I get to show you the finished Shoe Rack in my Dressing Room Conversion!  This day has been a long time coming because I started and stopped this project as I needed to learn skills along the way, not to mention getting discouraged and losing motivation.  Just dreaming up this shoe rack and planning out the room conversion took about two years (let’s be honest, I was planning it before we even bought our house!).

Before I show you the finished project, let me take you back in time to see how the room started.  It was dark, it had wallpaper and weird trim, and there was very little storage.

To see how I transformed that dark room by removing wallpaper and painting, click here!  The difference was amazing, but it took my whole spring break and the shoe rack project was put aside while I went back to work and needed functionality of my closet.

I need storage!

After finishing up a few more projects around the house, it was finally time to tackle the shoe rack.  I knew that I wanted to build the shoe rack first, then take on the clothing rack on the other side because it would be a little easier to fit the pipe pieces together and I could learn from my mistakes easier with the shoe rack.

I did some research on Pinterest of different ways that I could support the shelves and connect to the wall, then completed an initial sketch with some measurements to get an idea of what types and pipe and fittings I would need and it what quantity.

The next step was finally to get started on the project!  I started fitting pieces together and took MANY trips to the Home Depot.  I had to adjust my initial plans to fit around some things (like the baseboard trim), but once I had the bottom part set it went together really smoothly!  Click here to see the full how-to with tips and tricks!

Once I had the shelf fit together, all of the pieces had to come back apart to paint.  My husband told me that I was crazy for doing all that work to fit it together, just to take it apart.  Honestly it was a lot of work, but since it was my first time working with building this type of shelf (and being a perfectionist), it needed to happen that way.  Now that I am more comfortable with how it goes together and trust my measurements for the MDF shelves, I would just rough fit the pipe and put the painted shelves on after the pipe is painted.

I hit a snag in cleaning the pipe, but my dad shared a trick with me that made it so much easier!  See my tutorial How-to Clean and Paint Iron Pipe from this project.  I chose a Satin Nickel spray paint for the pipe because I wanted a “chic industrial” look that still looked light and airy and I found a paint color for the shelves that matched the other furniture in the room.  I wanted to make it look like it was all designed together.
***Helpful tip- When I took the shelf back apart, I numbered the back of the shelves and the pipe so that I knew exactly how to put it back together.

As I finished spray painting the iron pipe I fit them back together with the freshly painted MDF boards.  There was a learning curve with painting MDF to be smooth and match my other Ikea furniture (see my tutorial How-to Paint MDF from this project).  After putting on each shelf, I checked that it was level and was equal distances from the wall and window trim.  After it was all put together, I marked on the wall where it would attach, checked for where the studs were (probably should have done that sooner in the project), and secured the shelf to the wall.

Are you ready to see how the Shoe Rack turned out?  Here it is!

I have had a lot of questions why I made some shelves with very little clearance.  I am a perfectionist (not to mention a math teacher!) and I will admit that I wanted to maximize my storage capacity, so I measured the clearance needed on most of my shoes.  The shelves without a lot of space are for flats, TOMS, and Converses.  I also included other sized shelves so that I had some flexibility with different shoes and heels.  I included a hanging bar to hang tall boots on the lower part (inspiration from Norstrom!) and flex areas for purses or storage boxes on the smaller shelves and on top.

Here is the Shoe Rack after unpacking and organizing all of the shoes (and a few purses!).

I in love with this shoe rack and I love my little settee next to it because I can sit and put on my shoes right after taking them off the shelf (or put them back right after taking them off).  I was so excited with finally finishing this project (“Why did this take me so long?!?!?!”) that I immediately cleared out the other wall to plan and build the clothing rack.  Posts to come soon!

What do you think?  Do you have a DIY project that you could build with Iron Pipe?



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