Guest Bedroom Transformation


When we purchased our house, we had decided to leave the finished basement remodel until after we had worked on the rest of the house.  However, every time we had houseguests the most logical place for them to stay was in the guest bedroom downstairs because they had they own space and bathroom (the bathroom is hideous also!).  After some deliberation we decided to transform the Guest Bedroom so that we could comfortable have guests stay.

It was super embarrassing to have guests stay in this room because, well, there was literally a huge palm tree and monkey on the wall.


Notice the horrible wallpaper in the bathroom across the hall? (So much wallpaper, so little time!)  So, not only was this guest bedroom creepy with the monkey and life sized palm tree, but it was a dark… so dark that we named it the dark cave of pain.  We hadn’t realized how dark the ceiling was until we started priming the walls.


First, the palm and monkey came down and then we started filling all of the holes in the walls.  We also decided that the corner closet was going to be an open section and that we weren’t going to put up a door to help the room seem larger (I know, I know, for all of you real estate people out there… if we ever sell, we will put a door on it).

Once the holes were filled, the primer came next.  The paint that they had used was a gloss and the primer really didn’t want to stick, which was annoying to say the least.  We used Kilz 2 primer to cover the red as well as we possibly could.  By the end of this process I could say that I never wanted to see red paint again (it took multiple coats of primer to cover).

It was also at this point that we realized how dark the ceiling was… no wonder it seemed like a cave in there!  We hadn’t planned on painting the ceiling, but alas it needed to happen.  We decided to keep the trim a natural wood color because the door is beautiful and I didn’t want to cover the wood grain.

Once the ceiling was finally done, we could get to the paint!  I picked a greenish blue color that really helped to bring out the wood tones in the door and the trim.

The blue-ish green tones of the paint really compliment the wood tones.

All of the wall covers were replaced, a new vent cover light fixture were installed, and I hung curtains to complete the transformation (the curtains were not my favorite… the hubby thought that they were too girly, I thought that they were way too short… but they were cheap and worked for awhile).

Update: I have since purchased new bedding and curtains!  (updated photos to come!)

I have been watching garage sales for an older dresser to refinish to go in the closet nook, as well as a queen bed frame to refinish.  As I find these projects, I will be writing DIY posts of refinishing them and will give updated photos of how the items look in the room.


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