Fold it Once and Forget about It! (How to Fold T-Shirts for Dresser Drawers)

Do you hate folding shirts for your dresser drawers?  Does your dresser look like a ball of clothing that has a mind of it’s own?  I’ll admit it… I hate folding my husband’s white t-shirts.  Over the years I have left him to his own devices and let him deal with the overwhelming job of folding and organizing a drawer of shirts.  I’ll also admit that my dresser drawer organization has been mediocre at best.  I always start out with good intentions, but after a couple of instances of looking for a specific shirt the drawers are pushed shut with a mass of partially folded shirts.  It is hard to spend the time re-folding shirts when you know that they are just going to become a ball of annoyance in the near future (not to mention wrinkled!).  I came across a Pinterest photo with a new way to organize dressers drawers and my day brightened… could it be?! Is there a better way?  I followed the link and, blast!, it took me to a broken link page.  After a bit of trial and error, I found a folding and stacking method that worked for us.  I was optamisitc, but wanted to wait a few weeks to see if the organization lasted.  It was a small miracle!  a few months later and the drawers are still organized and the shirts are all still folded.


Folding Method:

1. Fold the shirt in half down the center, with the arms together

Fold #1

2. Fold the Arms under the shirt (you are forming an almost-rectangle)

Fold #2

3. Fold the shirt in half, matching up the neckline with the bottom hem

Fold #3

4. Fold in half again, matching the neckline up with the bottom fold

Fold #4

That’s it!  The shirt is ready to go into the dresser.


Dresser Organization:

My husband likes to stack the shirts with the bottom fold facing up (an who am I to argue when I don’t have to do it!), but I prefer to stack them with the bottom fold facing down so that the neckline doesn’t get wrinkled from the weight of the shirt.  He says that his shirts are “boxy” enough that they don’t get wrinkled.  Either way, you stack the shirts vertically rather than horizontally.  This was the game changer for us.  The vertical stack allows for you to see all of the shirts at once and you don’t have to mess up the folding when you are looking for a specific shirt.

Shirt Organization
Stacking Shirts Vertically… you can see all of them!


Here is the finished product!

Completely Organized T-Shirt Drawer

The great thing about this organizational method is that, not only are your shirts going to stay folded, but you can fit more shirts and you can see all of them!  In my drawers, I don’t have enough shirts to go all of the way back, so I have extra yoga blocks that I use as “bookends” on the back side to keep them all facing up.  I hope that this new way of folding t-shirts for dresser drawers helps to take the frustration out of folding and organizing clothes for you!  If you try it please let me know!  Happy Folding!


T-Shirt and Dresser Organization
How to Fold T-Shirts for a Dresser Drawer

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