Closet (Phase 1) Wallpaper Removal and Paint

After moving into our home, we decided to turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into my own walk-in closet (I know… every girl’s dream!).  I moved all of my clothing in at first and just tried to make is usable (who knew I had so many shoes?).  I purchased a desk table from Ikea and found the chair at a Restoration Hardware outlet store for under $4!


I found a great article on Pinterest that included instructions for building a closet out of Iron Pipe and fittings and I was hooked (click here to see DIYDivas Post!).  As my birthday came around I told my husband that all that I wanted was to go to Home Depot and buy materials to build my closet.  I built a prototype and started sketching out the layout.

The prototype is shown here on the left…

I was getting ahead of myself because I had SO much work to do to get the room ready for shelving (it was more fun to ignore this part for awhile).  I also had to plan out when I would tear apart my closet to get all of the work completed (it was going to be rough to function without a closet or place to get ready).  I was finally motivated right before Spring Break, so I started steaming wallpaper.

Update: steaming wallpaper is NOT the easiest way to remove it.  I have since tried a new method that works wonders!  See “How to Remove Wallpaper (Without Losing Your Mind)” for step by step details!

At this point I sent my sister a text message with choice words to the effect of.. “You’ve gotta be kidding me! There is so much wallpaper! Why is there wallpaper under the paint? WHY?!?!”

The wallpaper in this section had way too much glue on it and I was sick of it, so I really let loose. I had much more patching to do in this area.

After a few nights (and many drinks), I had wallpaper free walls!

The wardrobe is in the way… but I had to admire the look of walls free from the horrible tyranny of wallpaper…

My method for removing wallpaper was not the most efficient.  I have since learned a much better way to remove wallpaper and I even did a post about it (it was THAT life changing!).  The link is on the bottom of this page!

Next was time for patching holes, sanding, and retexturing.  I probably would not have gotten through this part without my dad’s help (I was so ready to get to painting that I thought of skipping this part).  In the end, I was really glad that I did this extra work with how well it turned out.  While finishing up the walls, I painted the ceiling white (as you can tell from pictures, it was a dark cave).  I was tired at this point and forgot to take pictures of the process, but spraying the texture is very addicting!

Once the ceiling was dry, I taped it off and started on the walls (the fun part finally!).  I did want to paint the trim white, but the carpet is older and it would make the darker areas around the edges stand out.  My plan is to paint the trim white after we replace the carpets.

The finishing touches for this stage was to install the new light fixture (it has 3 bulbs instead of 2 to give more light).  By this time, Spring Break was over and I needed my closet back to make my mornings sane, so I moved the essentials back in and got rid of the Wardrobe.


So much Lighter and Brighter.
I was kidding myself thinking that this shoe rack was going to cut it…

I took the closet doors off and stored them since I didn’t really need a closet within a closet.  It also helps the room to feel more open.  I decided to paint the inside of the closet the same as the wall color (I did got back and forth between this option and white, but I am happy with the decision that I finally made because it makes it feel more like one big room).

It feels so much lighter and brighter in this room with a white ceiling, lighter walls, and a light that holds more bulbs.  Since I was out of time, my things were moved back in and I started planning the next Phase, the Shoe Organization Section!

For a better way of removing wallpaper, check out “Removing Wallpaper (without losing your mind)

Click ahead to go to the Phase 2 Planning Post or the Rough Fit of Iron Pipe for a Shoe Rack!


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