Closet (Phase 2) Shoe Rack Planning

After I had made a few prototypes for the clothing racks, I decided that it would be easier to start with the shoe rack (I also needed to get my shoes out of storage bins and have to a place to put them all!).

Since I had already worked with measurements and the pipe, I measured the section of wall that I was going to use and started to sketch out where things would go.

Shoe Rack Sketch

This is the sketch that I made and that I took to Home Depot to buy the iron pipe.  This section will go along the wall on the right side of the room and will connect with the wall that has the window (pre-build picture below).  There is currently a wooden rack holding random shoes, scarfs, and purses where the shoe rack will go.  I am obviously hurting for storage solutions at the moment, but it helps to motivate me to get my build going!

Don’t mind all of the stuff… I need Storage!

I have found myself overwhelmed when I am trying to buy the iron pipe at Home Depot.  Before this shopping trip, I have go in without a clear plan a of how many of each pipe, so I end up spending a lot of time of going back and forth and worrying that I am missing something.

This shopping trip I had the Husband with me, which meant I was on a time crunch (let’s face it, he didn’t feel like spending 30 minutes watching my be indecisive).  We decided just to focus on the bottom portion (up to the wood panel just above the boot hanging section), so that we could make sure it all fits.  This definitely helped to make it less overwhelming, as well as having each piece labeled on my sketch.  I also knew that the tope piece would go together really easy since the shelving pieces won’t all go into the wall, but will hold on the shelves with 90 degree elbow pieces (pictures to follow during the build).

Up next is doing a “rough fit”, spray painting, and cutting/painting the wood shelves!  Click here to check out how putting all the pieces together went.


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