Baseboard Trim Painting Hack

Have you ever wondered how to paint baseboard trim without getting it all over the carpet?  I ran into this problem when we first started painting in our house and it was so frustrating!  When we were completing our guest bedroom remodel I came across the most genius idea… are you ready for it?!?!  Use Glad Press’n Seal to preserve the carpet and paint those baseboards easily!  Here’s how I did it!

Materials Needed:

-Glad Press’n Seal (I thought that I would need multiple boxes, but used one for the whole room).
-Flat putty knife
– Paint and Paint supplies (obviously!)


1. Roll out the Press’n Seal so that there is a little bit of a lip to push under the trim.

2. Flatten it out and press to the carpet.

3. Use a flat putty knife to push the lip under the trim.

4. Work from one end to the other.  Be carful not to tear the material, but if you do it’s okay!


5. If you need to repair a tear or add another section, cut off what you need and overlap the press and seal or make a patch for the tear.  Since it is sticky on one side it will seal with itself.

6.  Now you are ready to paint the trim!  When you finish the last coat, pull the press and seal out while the last coat is still wet so that you won’t pull the paint off of the trim.

7. Step back and appreciate your beautifully painted baseboards!


What I learned:

-Use a paint brush to get the paint all the way to the bottom of the baseboard, them roll over it with a roller to get a consistent texture (I was matching the wall texture on the baseboards and battens of my board and batten wall).

-If there is some excess dried paint that sticks to the baseboard, it will pull off of the press’n seal first (rather than pull the paint off of your newly painted trim), which is great!  I used a box knife to trim off any little bits of paint.  If I could get both coats of paint done in one day and pulled the press and seal, there wasn’t any issue with this.

– You can also use the press’n seal to protect small sections of carpet that are not covered by your drop cloth!

I hope that this hacks helps your next painting project!  Leave comments below for how you used Glad Press’n Seal in your painting project.



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